Justice!Anders wiggling his fingers is very important.

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I already made a separate post with a tweet I made regarding the subject, but I wanted to speak about it in further detail.

This morning I was enjoying a cup of hot chocolate at the beach by myself when a man I have never seen before grabbed my head from behind to adjust it so he could observe the tattoos behind my ear and on the back of my neck. I was so terrified I couldn’t even move. When he had the audacity to ask me, “What do the diamonds behind your ear mean?” I flipped. 

"How dare you invade my personal space and touch me without my consent! I should knock your teeth down your throat for that!"

"— but I just wanted to see your tattoos!" 

Unfortunately, things like this are very common in the body modification community. People grab my arms to look at my sleeves or my hands to look at my hand/finger tattoos, some will adjust the top of my shirt to look at my chest piece, a few have lifted up my skirts and dresses to look at the tattoos on my shins and thighs, and one person grabbed the bottom of my lip and pulled it out when they saw I had a tattoo inside my lip.

I hear countless stories like mine on a daily basis. Some include how people will stick their fingers in the lobes of someones ear, how people will touch the piercings on someones face and ask “did it hurt?”, and how people will touch the bodies of others to observe their tattoos. It’s a trend that seriously needs to end.

You shouldn’t touch anyone without their permission, but people seem to think it’s justifiable to touch someone with body modifications because “I just want to see!” Nothing justifies or excuses it. Body modifications doesn’t mean people can touch us without our consent. Please respect the individual spaces of others and knock it off.

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“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

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thank you lovely! :)
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just found out that I got a 2:1!

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Video Game Meme / Five Quotes [1/5] → 
"The Lazarus Project will proceed as planned."
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Art: “Sunrise” by Matt Rhodes, Lead Concept Artist.

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Missed the BioWare content at the E3 2014 EA Press Conference?

• Dragon Age: Inquisition “Cello Trailer” / “Orchestral Trailer” [x]

• Dragon Age: Inquisition “Story Trailer” [x]

• Dragon Age: Inquisition “Gameplay Demo” [x]

• BioWare Concept Featurette (Mass Effect 4 & new IP) [x]

Bonus from earlier today:

• New DA:I trailer, “Lead Them or Fall” / “Sad Piano Trailer” [x]

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"bioware ladies" tag


okay it seemed like there was enough support

reblog this to get the word out: tag lady-positive posts with “bioware ladies” so people can appreciate their fav ladies without gross porn or hateposts!

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"it’s unrealistic to have your warden, hawke and inquisitor all be women"


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make me choose: fenris or thane {anon}
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